Machinedrum’s Vapor City Freebies Mix


8 months after the amazing Vapor City lp was released, Machinedrum’s productivity is still embarrassing his peers, and it seems barely a week passes before a new tune from him drops – mailing list subscribers to the Vapor City website have been graced with a steady stream of freebie tracks (with a few more yet to come, i’d wager)..

Anyway, I just wanted to get the bulk of the free Vapor City tracks that i haven’t already used in prior mixes into one place – for my own enlightenment more than anything else. Not every tune is beat mixed together, but they are all stacked in a row.

There are a couple of B-sides and official releases in here too btw, notably from the recent Fenris District ep.

Generally 160-170bpm here, with a beatless, ambient epilogue of the Vizion Centre ep tracks. Everything here is a Machinedrum track.

1. Vizion
2. Center Your Love (Obey City Remix)
3. aeolia
4. On My Mind
5. Blue to Grey
7. SeeSea VIP
8. SeeSea (DJ Rashad x Taso Remix)
9. Eyesdontlie (DJ Earl Remix)
10. Infinite Us (Ticklish Remix)
11. Don’t 1 2 Lose U (Moresounds Remix)
12. Gunshotta (Fractures Astrophonica Remix)
13. Rise N Fall (Poirier Remix)
14. Back Seat Ho (Rustie Remix)
15. Neujack
16. Ghost Ride Da Bus
17. Talk 2 Me
18. Vaulted
19. Tailor Nacht
20. Gold

Oh, if you like this, you may also enjoy the Vapor City Zen FM Mix i recorded last year, with tracks from Machinedrum, Om Unit, and like minded musical

Come to think of it, you could check out this playlist of Jungle footwork mixes, almost all of which feature Machinedrum tracks, cos he’s



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