Vapor City Zen FM Mix


a 75 minute road trip picking at Threads around the suburbs of Vapor City.

Longtime listeners will recognise that I’ve been a big fan of both members of Dream Continuum and their solo productions as Machinedrum and Om Unit.
This mix attempts to pull together a swathe of recent, largely non-album tracks, as well as some tunes from similar sounding artists. The first half is quite serene and melodic, whilst the 2nd half wades into slightly darker territory.

Om Unit lp “Threads” is out now and available to buy HERE
Machinedrum lp “Vapor City” is out now and available to buy HERE
House of Black Lanterns lp “Kill The Lights” is out now and available HERE

You really should grab all three.

00:47 Om Unit – Shine Your Light
01:11 Seafloor – Pukau
05:25 Machinedrum – Boxoff
09:41 Seafloor – Marsili
15:07 George Fitzgerald – Silhouette (Calculon Remix)
18:35 Plot Twist – Skydive
21:04 Dorsh (Calculon and Austin Speed Remix)
24:44 Plot Twist – Jjaro
29:31 Graphs – You’ve Got Things
32:28 Holy Other – Know Where (Orphidal Remix)
36:32 submerse – Melonkoly (Deft Remix)
39:33 House of Black Lanterns – You Me Metropolis
42:18 Om Unit – governer’s bay
46:59 Om Unit – The Red Curtain
50:25 Nphonix – Reach Out (Om Unit Remix)
55:15 Om Unit – The Hand
59:43 Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Om Unit Rollers VIP)
1:01:25 Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix) 1:03:35 Machinedrum – Stirrin
1:06:37 Marcus Intalex – Quer Key
1:10:15 Deft – Faded

Big thanks to groundmassmusic and low rise sounds (amongst others) for their recent compilations and eps that fill in a lot of the other gaps here.


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