Nightbus Headphones Post Trap & Footwurk Mix


Two separate mixes sharing the majority of artists & tempo. One is light, the other is dark.

Part 1: “Nightbus Headphones Post Trap & Footwurk” is an attempt to do an ambient or chill out mix using the trap template. For the record, the title is a slightly cheeky p1ss take of how we over compartmentalize music.. The thought of Post Trap made me chuckle and I worked backwards form there really.

Part 2: “Rudeboy Sub-Bass Trap & Footwurk” is your more traditional, speaker troubling collection of window rattling hip hop remixes and amen break samples.

If you try one mix, I encourage you to give the other a go too, see what you prefer, let me know in the comments maybe.

cheers. Enjoy!

The Chill Out One.
(yes the mix title is a bit of a joke).

00:00 REVERE – I Won’t Blame You (EAN Remix)
00:55 Kaytranada – All We Do (feat. JMSN)
03:05 filosofischestilte – even my mobilephone is gold
06:42 Deft – Jungle Jim
08:31 Kaytranada – Killacats
11:02 I was afraid
13:09 Deft – Crown Point
14:46 Great Dane – Yeezy
17:25 James Blake – Take a Fall For Me (feat. RZA)
17:57 Lewis James – Powerchild (EAN Remix)
21:12 Sepalcure – The Water’s Fine
24:41 Wildlife! – Oh Bondage Up Yours (Ital Tek Remix)
27:53 Together
30:49 Tipper – Tipper_Algae Bloom In Seven
33:04 Missy Elliott – Sock It 2 Me (Kaytranada Remix)
37:33 Emufucka – Xanadu (Submerse Remix)
39:04 House of Black Lanterns – Pale December ft Rudi Zygadlo
41:51 The Echo – Signals (Ambassadeurs Remix)
45:06 Om Unit featuring Tamara Blessa – Dark Sunrise (Kromestars Lean’in Mix)
47:32 Om Unit – Le Singe
54:35 Calibre – Sick Of It All
57:04 filosofischestilte – light years away
1:00:40 Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes (Kaytradamus Remix)

You can browse a full archive of my mixes to stream or download from HERE

Please feel free to do so! :)


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