Clockwork Shorts’ 5th Birthday


Friday 19th April 2013 is the fifth birthday of this very website you’re reading – Clockwork Shorts.

I originally started this site as a reaction to the dying embers of MySpace and wanting to have a permanent online record of my so-called creative output, namely DJ mixes & movie reviews.  Well, here we are 5 years later, and not much has changed on that front!  Hah!

Admittedly, the focus has shifted somewhat in favour of the mixes.  Speaking of which, allow me to introduce you to my Blog-Birthday Present for you all to enjoy:


Please click on that link & have a look. You may be pleasantly surprised!

The thing is, it turns out that The Beast contains my 100th recorded mix to date (not including long-lost cassette tapes) so I have another special Blogday Treat for you to get stuck into, namely:


Yes, that’s correct, 100 mixes of lovingly curated modern electronic dance music – running a total of 127 hours and 52 minutes, that’s long enough for Aron Ralston to listen to the lot, then enjoy the final chill out mix on his trip to the hospital (which I dare say he’d need).

Alternatively, you could hit play at midnight on a Monday morning and listen all the way though until just before 8am on Saturday. Go on, do that.. Do that every week and see what random sounds may surprise you when you return to your computer. Deal? 😉

Anyway, before I sign off, I’d like to impart my gratitude so some folks: Kev & DK at Ninjatune Solid Steel for hosting not one but 2 of my more upftont mixes;  Headphone Commute for hosting 2 more chilled affairs, as well as a couple of album reviews – I’ve said it before, but having over 10 thousand hits on one of my efforts is a staggering & humbling achievement. I’d also like to thank Bazooka Joe at Solipsistic Nation for hosting a laid back house mix of mine, as well as the rather surreal experience of being interviewed for the site.

Jimmy Swaggart (via PWEI) said it best when he proclaimed that  “Music is a powerful and perhaps the most powerful medium in the world." Well, yes perhaps it is, but it would be utterly powerless without people to enjoy and share it with.

My role as a DJ is a prismatic one, refracting the tunes from the creators & producers into the ears & feet of the audience,  and I thank you all for enabling me to enjoy performing that function for you.

I’m not entirely convinced I have another 100 mixes in me yet to gestate, but who knows what time will tell. Certainly, I intend to keep updating this site with new output, but with a wife & two beautiful daughters now tugging at my headphones for attention (and stamping on Serato control vinyl in one instance) perhaps the pace will slow down a bit.

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for listening to my mixes.  Let’s hope that new Daft Punk lp is worth all the hype.


*To be honest, the movie reviews have largely fallen by the wayside other than for the erratic write-up or End of Year rundown, but should you be interested you can see my movie-viewing diary on Letterboxd where I write a kneejerk reaction mini-review for each entry.  Oh, and there’s definitely an Iron Man 3 review coming on Wednesday 24th. *Spoiler* It Rawks.


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