Orangewarrior – Cosmic Bridge & Om Unit Mix

Every now & then I (rather selfishly) like to indulge in a “megamix” of sorts where I can put a load of tracks by a specific artist in one sequence and just get lost in the music.. In the past, there’s been mixes of Acen,  Noisia, Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, and another was for Four Tet.

This latest effort is a love letter to the creative work of one Jim Coles, aka Om Unit.

For just over a year now, Om Unit & dubstep stalwart Kromestar have been co-running the London-based record label  Cosmic Bridge  and after a mere 6 releases, it’s rapidly shaping up to be one of my favourites, consistently knocking out bass-heavy music that lives in an undefined space somewhere between dubstep, juke/footwurk and drum & bass.

Om Unit himself is no slouch and is responsible for the Phillip D Kick jungle/juke mashups that surfaced last year, a plethora of remixes, and also collaborative work with Machinedrum under the guise of “Dream Continuum.”  Going further back in time, he was a DMC finalist scratch dj under the name of 2Tall, producing a downtempo lp for the short-lived Needlework label.  Regular visitors to the site may care to notice that his tracks have featured quite regularly in my mixes of the last couple of years.

Basically, my point is, he’s bloody talented, he makes good tunes, and you should listen to his stuff. Ok?

This mix is a collection of his remixes, solo work, and tunes by the other artists on Cosmic Bridge records.

You should buy them all, and indeed you can do so here: Cosmic Bridge Records .

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of Om Unit and Cosmic Bridge..

Tracklisting / Info:

1. 00:00 Beat Inc. – Just Remember (Om Unit remix)
2.01:24 Om Unit vs. Kromestar – Solar Cycle
3. 05:50 Kromestar – Dont Make Sense VIP
4. 08:50 EAN – Flow (Om Unit Remix)
5. 14:11 Comma – Mezcal Hologram (Om Unit Remix)
6. 17:57 Danny Scrilla – X
7. 22:35 Moresounds – Analog Steak
8. 25:56 Moresounds – Analog Steak (Danny Scrilla remix)
9. 27:25 Om Unit – Lightworkers Call (feat Kromestar)
10. 31:15 Kromestar – 2012
11. 34:52 Moresounds – Cannabis
12. 36:38 Moresounds – Weeda
13. 39:15 EAN – Enderman
14. 41:37 EAN – Darknet
15. 45:48 Danny Scrilla – Hunch
16. 47:48 813 – Erotica (Om Unit Remix)
17. 51:02 Om Unit – An Eternal Way
18. 55:12 Silent Dust – The Giant (Om Unit Remix)
19. 57:13 Om Unit – Ulysses
20. 58:45 Om Unit – Ulysses (Reso’s Different Drum remix)

1hr 7mins, 152Mbs, 320kbps.

Stream from MIXCLOUD

Download from MEDIAFIRE

As ever, you can download my full archive of mixes from HERE & follow me on Twitter, assuming there’s not enough noise in your life already. 😉



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