Ghoststep IV: Abstract / Chilled Dubstep Mix

I’ve been waiting until I got that Party Mix done to start recording some fresh mixes.. Today I’m extremely bummed out by the sad passing of MCA from the Beastie Boys, so I figured I’d start off with a slightly melancholy, chilled out sort of a mix.

So, this one starts of kind of gentle, synthy & vocal, builds a bit with some percussive tracks, and generally gains momentum until Current Value’s remix of Bjork blasts the cobwebs away.. After that, it winds down again, finishing off with some lush ambience from Desolate & FSOL.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it – come back soon for something more upfront & dancefloor orientated.

Stream on Mixcloud here

Download from Mediafire here

Tracklisting / Info:

00:00 Chromatics – There’s a Light Out On the Horizon

06:58 Alpines – Tremors (feat. Dark Sky)

12:37 Little Jinder – Keep On Dreaming – The Living Graham Bond Remix

15:22 Lazer Sword – Better From U

18:37 Pearson Sound – Untitled

24:43 West Norwood Cassette Library – Flashlight (Original Mix)

28:19 Tessela – Let Up

32:10 SBTRKT – Laika

36:13 Zomby – Rumours & Revelations

38:40 Hensen – Boss Mei

41:46 Timbah – Cuckoo Clock

45:44 Duct – Blackheath (Fybe:One Remix)

48:34 Benga – 01 I Will Never Change

51:33 iTAL tEK – Phantom

54:22 Photek & Pinch – Acid Reign (Pinchs Dubplate Version)

56:01 Kryptic Minds – The Talisman

58:13 DJG – Here Come The Dark Lights

1:01:18 Kromestar – Outer Limit VIP (feat. Team Starfleet)

1:06:49 Bjork and Current Value – Solstice (Current Value Remix)

1:08:07 Ryat – Howl

1:14:34 Kwes – klee

1:17:18 Gravenhurst – Islands

1:18:24 Desolate – Exclusion Of Light

1:28:00 The Future Sound Of London – The Wheel of Life

As ever, you can access a full archive of my mixes, all for free download from HERE


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