Xmas 2011 Round Up

Welcome to Clockwork Shorts – allow me to wish you a joyous, fruitful and relaxing holiday season, wherever you are.  When you find that you have a bit of time to kill, please bookmark and come back here to enjoy my round up of movies & music from 2011..

After a couple of weeks of fairly intensive blogging, it’s time to wave a fond farewell to this year and count down the days until Armageddon (Friday 21st December 2012, just in case you weren’t sure).
I thought it would only be sensible to provide a page with links to all the other posts to ease your navigation & my organisation, so here we all are!

Firstly, and most importantly:


Please have a listen – you may even be pleasantly surprised, who knows? I think I’ve managed to largely keep the bagpipe techno and Navajo nose flute whistling to only a few tunes this year, so perhaps the rest is vaguely tolerable.

Whilst we’re on the mixing theme, let’s count the rest of them down:


12: House, Funky, Minimal & Techno

11: Wobble Bass Hip Hop

10: Ghoststep II – Chilled Dubstep & Future Garage

9: Banging Rave & Wobble Mix

8: Heads Down Percussive Funky & Tropical

7: Heavy Dubstep & Brostep Mix

6: Classic Chill Out & Trip Hop Mix

5: 100bpm Lounge & Bass Mix

4: Bliss Drone Ambient Chill Mix

3: Acid House & Techno Mix

2: Chilled Dubstep Mix

1: Bass & Rave, Juke & Jungle Mix

Staying on the topic of music, we should next tackle my choices for Top Ten Albums of 2011.  I tend to prefer to just mix music and let it speak for itself than write about it normally, so this was a bit of an experiment for me.  I hope they were of adequate quality to your delectation..


10: Vanilla – High Life

9: James Blake – James Blake

8: Lanu – Her Twelve Faces

7: Gatto Fritto – Gatto Fritto

6: Sun Glitters – Everything Could Be Fine

5: Africa Hitech – 93 Million Miles

4: Rustie – Glass Swords

3: Kuedo – Severant

2: Machinderum – Room(s)

1: Amon Tobin – ISAM

oh, and of course, Bjork’s Biophilia was my chosen Stinker of the Year .

Last but by no means least is my selection of the Top Ten Films of the Year, quite a hard list to choose, I Must say:



9: The Woman

8: Hesher

7: Hanna

6: Marwencol

5: Take Shelter

4: Rango

3: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

2: Submarine

1: Tree Of Life

Transformers 3D was my chosen Stinker of the Year and in actual fact I got so worked up about it that I accidentally typed out a 2,000 word essay on the matter.. So, that should kill a lunch break when you’re bored, I reckon.

I feel I should make a disclaimer of sorts – there are many films that might well have made the list that I am still keen to see but have as yet failed to do so: Drive, Tinker Tailor, Kill List, The Ides of March, Contagion and War Horse are just a handful that spring to mind. Still circumstance can prevent these things from happening sometimes, and anyway, what the hell’s the point in my wittering on about a film that you know and like already?

In actual fact, if you’re morbidly curious, you can see a complete chronological list of films I’ve watched in 2011 HERE .  Yes, there IS an awful lot of dreck, isn’t there?

A considerable amount of time effort and energy has been put into getting all of this content onto Clockwork Shorts, so I genuinely do hope that you find the time and the inclination to read at least one or two articles, dip your ears in one of the mixes, hey maybe even share the links with other people you think might enjoy a good read, dance, or even a meditation tape.

Please come back in 2012 when I will do my damndest to get some more movie reviews written, along with the regular(-ish) monthly mixes and perhaps some exciting surprises (woo!)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you – may your loved ones remain happy and healthy, and let us all snuggle together as we watch the gradual crumbling of society and civilised behaviour whilst Armageddon looms ahead.. Only twelve months to go, let’s make the most of it, or failing that, at least get to see Batman in the IMAX.

ta ta for now.

Duncan Orangewarrior


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