The 12 Days of miXmas – #2 Chilled Dubstep Mix

Every weekday I shall be counting down to Christmas (as I already explained HERE).

Today’s mix is the penultimate in this series: mellow vibes with just over an hour of laid back beats & bass – bubbling away but never quite tipping over into the dancefloor area, clocking in at about 140bpm.

This was originally envisioned as my 3rd in a series of chilled dubstep mixes which i had coined the name “Ghoststep.”

Ambient blog Headphone Commute were kind enough to pick up on this mix, which to date has had over 4,000 hits on Mixcloud – an extremely heartening reaction for a “bedroom dj” like myself.

If you have already listened to the mix, then I thank you for your attention.  If you haven’t, well now’s your chance!

Tracklisting / Info:

00:00  Coleco – Martyr
00:22  Coleco – Breathwork
07:35  Phaeleh – In The Twilight
10:48  LPZ – Problems (Avé Blaste and Tom Central Remix)
16:02  Ifan Dafydd – No Good
20:40  Dauwd – Could it Be
26:20  BRUISES – 02.- Would You
29:20  Husky Rescue – Fast Lane (2 Bit Thugs Remix)
30:11  How to Dress Well – Ready For The World (XXXY Re-Edit)
37:18  Pariah – Orpheus
41:53  Africa Hi Tec – Too Late (feat. Rio)
43:52  DIXON, Jack – Between Us
46:44  PHOTOMACHINE – Sine Language
52:48  Duncan Powell – A New Meaning For Time
57:13  Clubroot – ‘Orbiting’
59:27  Hidden Orchestra – Flight
Runtime 1hr 10mins
320kbps, file size 130Mb.

Stream from Mixcloud HERE

Download from Rapidshare HERE

Please listen, enjoy, share, download, and pop back tomorrow for another slice of 2011. 🙂

The Clockwork Shorts 2011 retrospective can be browsed for your pleasure right HERE


2 thoughts on “The 12 Days of miXmas – #2 Chilled Dubstep Mix

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