The Albums of 2011 – #7 Gatto Fritto – Gatto Fritto

One can’t help but feel that Cosmic Disco has had a bit of a bum rap this year.. Championed for some time by the likes of Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Todd Terje et al, it seems that creatively theyve all sauntered off to greener pastures – teasers of Lindstrom’s new lp due early in 2012 hint at a slightly thuggier, dancefloor oriented sound whilst Terje’s Snooze 4 Love track off his recent ep is properly blissed out ambience.

Inevitably then, one would expect the next wave of Cosmic or Nu-Disco producers to start bubbling to the top.. Step forward one Ben Williams, British producer signed to Uruguayan “International Feel” records who operates under the nom de plume of Gatto Fritto.

With only 8 tracks over the course of an hour, the mood here is of sun kissed, balearic house and prolonged 6minute+ jams of amorphous disco grooves. A couple of the tracks have vocoder-effected vocals, but they feel like another electronic instrument in the mix rather than a distinct singing voice.

Centrepiece and highlight of the album is without a doubt Invisible College – an 11 minute long epic that builds layer upon layer around a central guitar-riff hook. It must be said, this is the kind of tune DJs know they can afford a prolonged trip to the loo knowing full well that the dancefloor will be ably catered for.

Solar Flares Burn For you on the other hand is so compellingly crafted, you can almost feel the sand getting in your cracks and the sunscreen coagulating on your shoulders as it woozily evokes the end of a long day on a vaguely sweaty towel.

Basically, it’s bloody great. Tell you what, have a listen to Invisible College:


Please come back at the same time tomorrow to see my pick for Album #6 of 2011. Groovy.

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