The Albums of 2011 – #10 Vanilla – High Life

Seemingly steeped in mystery (or just averse to publicity) is the producer Vanilla. Inhabiting roughly the same musical space as low-fi beat heads like Star Slinger or Teams, Vanilla’s High Life would appear to be his 2nd album after last year’s similarly great “Chrometrails.”
Without knowing much about the man at the controls, we’ll have to concentrate on the music, which is fortunate as it’s a superbly crafted 27 track compilation of low slung beats and soul samples, “inspired by producers such as Dilla, Madlib and Onra.”

Anyway, High Life has soundtracked many a bleak early morning commute this year and is eminently re-listenable. The more observant of you may notice that a couple of his tunes featured in my mix for Headphone Commute back in the summer.

What’s even better, High Life is self-released and completely free to download from his bandcamp site HERE .  If you’re still sceptical about the prospect of an hour of quality free music, perhaps you should check out this clip first…

See? Told you!


Please come back at the same time tomorrow to see my pick for Album #9 of 2011.

The Clockwork Shorts 2011 retrospective can be browsed for your pleasure right HERE


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