2011 – End of Year Round Up

‘Tis the Season for Lists, Reminiscences, and Short Term Nostalgia!!

As it’s December, I thought it only right that I do my damndest to recap music & movie highlights from the last year, before forgetting all about it, eating too much turkey, and rolling over into 2012. Obviously this will be the last “End of Year” collection of blogs, as we all know the world is going to end next December (according to the great prophet Roland Emmerich).

Anyway, I hope to do a countdown of my favourite movies, albums & a brief trawl through my own mixing output over the next couple of weeks, so please bookmark the site & pop back every weekday for new music, reviews & unfocussed bile. Assuming Santa’s paid his electricity bills, I’d hope to have an end of year mix for download to those who persist.

You should be able to catch up with the full run-down by clicking HERE


PS: Disclaimer of sorts..   Obviously all these opinions are mine, no matter how misjudged I will come to realise they are. If you feel you would like to have a reasonable discussion or care to enlighten me, then please do find me at Twitter and we can have a friendly chat.

It might well transpire that some of my choices are a bit broad / lowbrow, but if parenthood has taught me anything, it’s that evening-time escapism can never be over-rated or underestimated. 😉


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