Countdown to Christmas – Party Mix 4.5

Well, here we are, the final part of my Xmas Mix retrospective – I hope that you have enjoyed these 10 mixes, or some of them at least – if you think you’ve missed any, then please be sure to click here and have a look for yourself.


If you’re new to the site, then allow me to point out that there are plenty of other mixes for free download on this site, all composed by myself. Β I normally manage to record a fresh mix once a month, so please be sure to bookmark the site & check back in the future.


My aim for 2010 was to “Retrocast” the full archive of my recorded mixes, one a week – well, this is Retrocast Mix #48 and by my reckoning there’s still about 12 or so to get through in the early months of 2011 before I’m fully up to date..

Admittedly there’s the odd fluffed beat-mix or glitch every now and then, but my aim has been solely to share the enjoyment of music & entertain those who will listen – If you count yourself amongst that number then I thank you for your attention, and hope that you will feel inclined to share these mixes with other people, wherever you are.


Anyway, my Xmas 2010 Mix will be online here from midday on Monday 20th December – Please do come back to grab it.


Right then – as promised, let’s wind down with some mellow cosmic disco, kicking off with the anthemic Aeroplane remix of MGMT.. Please download, listen, enjoy & share! A Merry Christmas to you all, and a Happy 2011…I’m off to go and watch Tron Legacy for a 2nd time πŸ™‚


Tracklisting / Info:

Part 5 – Cosmic Disco

95. MGMT – Electric Feel (Aeroplane Mix)
96. Too Hard – Coyote (Aeroplane remix)
97. Grace Jones – Williams blood remix
98. Thomas Dolby – Dissidents: The Search for the Truth
99. Woolfy v Projections – Neve
100. Rubber Room – Cockroach
101. Aeroplane – Caramellas
102. Born Ruffians – Red Yellow and Blue (White Williams remix)
103. Mark e & Dragon – Good Times (Prins Thomas miks)
104. Suzy Q – Get on Up and Do It Again
105. Windsurf – Windsurf
106. David Rubato – Circuit
107. Cosmorama – Discodromo (Prins Thomas mix)
108. LCD Soundsystem – Us V Them (Any colour u like remix)

109. Hell interface – Midus Touch


  • Length: 86:40 minutes (119.08 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)


click on the link below to listen:
or here to grab it from Rapidshare

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