Retrocast 33 – Ambient Dubstep Mix


Some atmospheric beats for y’all. Hand on heart, this is one of my own mixes that I listen to far more than many of the others, go on, give it a try!

Tracklisting / Info:

1. Barbarix – Madeena Luithea

2. Moby – Pale Horses (Apparat mix)

3. Moderat – Out of Sight

4. Moderat – Seamonkey

5. 16Bit – Skyline

6. Boxcutter – Myra Rave v2

7. Bruce Stallion – Walls

8. Clubroot – Embryo

9. Four Tet & Burial – Wolf Cub

10. Barbarix – the Secret Garden

11. vvv – emeute

12. Animal collective – Summertime Clothes (Zomby’s Analog Lego Mix)

13. Trill Bass & Core – Ghost

14. Clubroot – Talisman

15. Falty DL – Human Meadow

16. Falty DL – MuZiq remix

1hr 20mins dur.

192kbps, 110Mb size.

click on the link below to listen:
or here to grab it from Rapidshare

Click on the link below to subscribe to my Mixes as a podcast or to register for updates:


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