Retrocast 12 – Jedi Breaks – Late 90s Big Beat / Nu Skool Breaks mix

One of my older mixes this week, which I only know because I had to record the mp3 from the original Minidisc recording, (and thus must have been recorded around the same time as the Chill Out Mix I posted a few weeks back).

So, Big Beat begat Nu Skool Breaks, which of course is now known simply as Breaks.. This was recorded around that time: the Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Wall of Sound, Concrete Records, etc etc etc.    There was a brilliant compilation album around that time called Brit Hop & Amyl House which pretty much nailed what this sound was – essentially it was the moment when Mo Wax & Ninjatune style trip hop beats shuffled over to the dancefloor, put on some shiny techno-trousers, picked up a 303 and started making acid breakbeat that you could frug your stuff to.

With regards to the Star Wars references – I can tell you in all honesty that i had my Stereo VCR (hi-tech!) plugged into my Ecler Mac 60 mixer back then, and was cueing the VHS tapes of Star Wars & Empire, ready to hit Play at the relevant times. God, that makes me feel like a real old fart when I remember stuff like that: nowadays kids probably just think of the clips they want to play and the bluetooth chip lodged in their brain activates the iPhone app or something. I remember when all this was fields and you could only get the internet in black and white for half an hour on a Thursday, don’t you know….

Anyway, a fun uptempo mix that might well suit a nice stretch of open road with the windows wound down. Watch out for the light sabers.


Tracklisting / Info:

1. Fader Gladiator – Star wars into
2. Fatboy Slim – Aaaw shut up
3. white label – Who Da Fuck?
4. Collapsed Lung – Eat My Goal (Synchromesh remix)
5. Chemical Brothers – Best Part of Breaking Up
6. Deejay Puncroc – My Beatbox remix
7. Mr Oizo – Flat Eric
8. Omar Santana – Wont stop rocking
9. ? – 6 in the morning
10. Ils – About that time
11. Dub Pistols – Gonna be a Riot
12. the Dons of Quiote (?)
13. Jedi Knights – Catch the break
14. Basement jaxx – jump and shout
15. Air drums from outer bongolia
16. Headrillaz – we come to rock
17. er . .
18. The Gonzo – Lost

Length: 71:52 minutes (65.89 MB)
Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

click on the link below to listen:
or here to grab it from Rapidshare

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