Retrocast 11 – Harder Than Your Mum – Dirty Gabber & Acid Techno Mix

Dipping into the Jim’ll-Fix-It lucky dip bag this week, it appears the latest Retrocast mix is that of some properly banging gabber & acid techno, so somewhat of a departure from last week’s Funky Breakbeats mix!

If I recall correctly, most of this mix is comprised from Outcast Clan & Total Output records which I bought from a lovely old lady with bleached dreadlocks somewhere in the belly of  Turnmills around the mid 90s. No idea where these people could be found in this day & age, although I suspect that “the back of a lived-in ex ambulance, somewhere between Rotterdam and a mediterranean beach” wouldn’t seem unlikely – either that, or they’ve cashed in all their trust funds and have finally followed Father into the Business. (joke!)

So yea, not the most relaxing mix this week, but as with all of these Retrospective mixes, a time, a place, a transient moment, a memory.

Tracklisting / Info:

1. Pinhead – Slammin Beats
2. Emotions – Out of Order
3. External – Zekt
4. Total Output – Clip Lite
5. white label
6. Total Output – Pulse
7. Outcast Clan – Techno Overload
8. F*ckin hostile – F*ckin hostile
9. Turbulence – 6 Million Ways to Die
10. De Klootzakken – Domine Dimitiri
11. Aurora Borealis – Pillow Lava (Lenny Dee remix)

Length: 72:36 minutes (99.81 MB)
Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

click on the link below to listen:
or here to grab it from Rapidshare

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