Retrocast 6 – Dirty Techno Trousers – 90’s Techno mix

During the early to mid 90’s, I’d quite frequently find myself at techno nights in London such as Club UK / Final Frontier, Eurobeat 2000, Lost, Quirky, and so on.. The influences at that time were many – most obviously Detroit techno, but also the Berlin sound of Tresor, hard acid sounds from Synewave New York, and a sprinkling of added raver- breakbeat from the UK.

This mix was recorded roughly 2005, but is representational of those sorts of nights out – pitch black except for maybe one strobe, queuing in the loos to refill your water bottle, long sleeve tee shirt tied around the waist, and with 2 hours til the first tube on a Saturday morning, nothing to do but get lost in the music.


Tracklisting / details:

1. Inner City – Ahnonghay (dave clarke remix) (six 6)

2. X313 – Interferon (Generator)

3. DJ Hell – Hot on the Heels of Love (remix)

4. Surgeon – Magnese (downwards)

5. Surgeon – Mugger scum out (soma)

6. Neil Landstrumm – Telex (peacefrog)

7. Damon Wild & Tim Taylor – Bang the Acid Joey Beltram Remix (Synewave)

8. Damon Wild & Tim Taylor – Bang the Acid (Synewave)

9. Phuture – We Are Phuture (slam remix) (Primate)

10. Subhead – Atlantic Bridge (subhead)

11. Slam – Dark Forces (soma)

12. DBX – Losing Control (robert hood remix) (peacefrog)

13. Jack Tronic – The Hustler (planetary assault remix) (peacefrog)

14. Bandulu – Presence (infonet)

15. Jeff Mills – The Extremist (Tresor)

16. Lionrock – Packet of Peace (Jeff Mills Remix) (heavenly)

17. Lyot – Vainquer (Maurizio mix) (Tresor)

18. DJ Hell – Acid Muzik (djax up)

19. Polygon Window (Aphex Twin) – Quoth (Warp)

20. DJ Hell – Sprung Aus den Wolken (Disko B.)

Length: 75:39 minutes (103.96 MB)

Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

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