Retrocast 2 – Breaks Mix from 2004


Welcome to the 2nd weekly instalment of my Retrocast series, wherein I blow away the cobwebs and dust off some old mixes of mine to see if the fan belt under the hood is still useable.

Cor blimey – 2004 may have only been 6 years ago, but in many senses to me it was another lifetime…

Most significantly for this particular mix, this was an all-vinyl effort from my pre-Serato days.  Having convinced myself I was getting old, I’d spent the previous couple of years wallowing in droopy old trip hop, so this was a bit of fun rediscovering how to dance, and in the process, blow large amounts of money in record stores across London.

Anyway, I refer you to my original “Tracklisting:

“Breaks mix summer 2004

cant remember the tracklist at all, but its a lot of Rennie Pilgrem, TCR, Plump djs , Krafty Kuts, etc type stuff. ”

so there you have it – informative stuff!

What I distinctly remember was that I specifically recorded this for a house party I was going to, so if you’re planning a “Mid-Noughties” themed party any time soon, then this is the mix for you!  I hesitate to add that at some points it’s a little bit rough around the edges, but then who isnt? heh

as ever, enjoy…

click on the link below to listen:
or here to grab it from Rapidshare

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