Retrocast 1 – Acen megamix

Now that the iTunes Podcast technology appears to be operational, i thought it might be an interesting experiment to dust off the archives of my mixes and see what’s what.

So, first up we have the Acen megamix.  For those of you that are too young to remember, Acen knocked out several EPs worth of Hardcore / Ardkore rave music in the days before we used to add “Old Skool” to remind us we’re talking about the early 1990s.

This mix was an effort of mine to celebrate those excellent tracks that were both supremely banging but also showed a depth and subtlety that seemed to elude other contemporaries like Rufige Kru and Manix.


1. Acen – Trip II the Moon part 1
2. Acen – Trip II the Moon part 2
3. Acen – Trip II the Moon Kaleidoscopiklimax mix
4. Acen – Obsessed
5. Acen – Obsessed II
6. Acen – Life and Times of a Ruffneck
7. Acen – Close Your Eyes Optikonfusion!
8. Acen – Close Your Eyes XXX mix
9. Acen – Window on the SKy Monolythikmaniakmix
10. Acen – Window on the Sky Krome & Time badup mix

click on the link below to listen:
or here to grab it from Rapidshare

Or alternatively click on the link below to subscribe to my Mixes as a podcast:



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