Miss March: Generation Penetration movie review

suck my dick while i fuck that ass

Stars and creators of American sketch show “The Whitest Kids You Know” make their leap into cinema with this effort, which has inexplicably attained the subtitle “:Generation Penetration” since arriving on these shores, just to really spell out that This Is A Teen Sex Comedy.

Zach Cregger & Trevor Moore play the film’s two leads – Eugene & Tucker, apparently lifelong friends with little in common, Eugene preaches abstinence at high school whilst Tucker does everything in his (limited) power to lose his virginity. A trepidatious Prom Night appears to herald Eugene’s sexual awakening, only to be confounded in a 4 year coma. When the reluctant lover is eventually roused, he discovers that his high school sweetheart has naturally and inevitably become a Playboy Bunny (can you guess which month?). Before you can say “contrived juvenility” the two heroes are on a country-crossing road trip to rescue the girl from the evil clutches of one Mr Hugh Hefner, and no doubt learn some life lessons on the way.

Miss March is about as low-brow as it can get – dribbling bodily fluids from every scene, it makes films like American Pie and Harold & Kumar seem like Solaris in comparison. Not having seen any of “The Whitest Kids..” it’s impossible to comment on how well the transition to the big screen was made, but if you’re likely to be amused by someone repeatedly hitting themselves in the groin whilst chanting “Poo, Bum, Willy, Fart” then this is probably the right sort of film for you.

This may of course sound damning, but there is undeniably an audience for it, and if you are in the mood for escapist puerile nonsense, then this would be a far stronger choice than anything the Wayans Brothers have squeezed out recently, whilst we all wait for The Hangover to arrive on dvd.


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