The Hangover – movie review

the morning after

Featuring a cast of unknowns, The Hangover has seemingly come from nowhere to already become one of the highest grossing comedies ever in the US. Hyperbole would seem inevitable, and expectations fittingly raised.

Charting the aftermath of a stag night in Vegas, The Hangover follows 3 groomsmen as they attempt to piece together the events of the previous night in order to locate their lost Stag. What follows is a debauched memory trip as our heroes follow clues to pick up the pieces, seemingly casting off their inhibitions as each revelation from the night before continues to surprise them.

The three leads are all in career-making roles here, but it is Zach Galifianakis as “Fat Jesus” Alan that is the instant standout, instantly earning plaudits like “the next Seth Rogen” from various quarters of the press.

Make no mistake, the content and humour in this film is decidedly adult, and ultimately rather broad. The director was previously responsible for “Old School” (which made a household name of Will Ferrell), and this film displays a similar love for “guys who should know better.”

The Hangover is a very funny film and it cleverly exploits its unique story structure to continually shock the audience. Whilst the laughs continually flowed, personally I’d rate this year’s Role Models and I Love You, Man as funnier and better films, although one senses that The Hangover will benefit from repeated viewings once the dvd arrives in the autumn.

See it before your work colleagues spoil all the best jokes!


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