Twitter – the Internet continues to get smaller.


There was a time (not Actually that long ago) when I promised that there would be infinitesimal Russian-doll-like incarnations of Clockwork Shorts.  Well, it would appear that the time has come – after opening and ignoring a Twitter account since May last year, it seems all it took was for Stephen Fry to rave about the thing on primetime telly, and the whole world’s gone Twitter Twatty.

Assuming I’ve got it calibrated correctly, it ought to take a feed from my Clockwork Briefs miniblog, which in turn takes feeds from here.  I’m yet to understand the “point” in all of this, but it seems to be a chirpier, myspack sort of setup, rather than the “Freinds Reunited with Added Vitriol and Unresolved History” that was Facebook (which i left about 6months ago, should you care).  Anyway, if it helps spread the word of this place, with my mixes and the odd cinematical musing, then it can only be a good thing, i think.

If you feel inclined to follow the Orangewarrior / Clockwork Shorts Twit then have a click on here:


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