Orangewarrior – Robo Suite Vol. 7

Orangewarrior - Robo Suite Vol 7

Hmm – tricky to explain what this is.. its NOT Progressive House, its not Disco. its certainly not Euphoric. It is about 125bpm, if that helps. Maybe its Tech House?

Err.. well, anyway, its kinda nice. (I think).. Put it like this, it’d be perfect to wake up to and it’ll keep you sane by gently getting your brain in gear as you commute through the dark Winter morning.

Not too catchy for a genre name, granted, but dont worry about the name, just enjoy the music!


1. The Hours – Can you See the Light
2. The Hours – Can You See the Light (dekker & johan mix)
3. Popnoname – Touch (the Field remix)
4. Barbq – Mad on the Moon
5. Empire of the Sun – We Are The people
6. Friendly Fires – Paris (Justs Kohncke remix)
7. The Dining Rooms – Thank You? (Skewrls Ungrateful mix)
8. Windsurf – The Big Island
9. Ryan Davis – Clouds Passing by
10. Ryan Davis – Clouds Passing By (Alt Fenster remix)
11. Solomun Vs Ost & Kjex – Federgewicht (Oslo version)
12. MANDY & Booka Shade – Donut
13. catz n dogs – yes they still play casio
14. Sasha – Mongoose (The Field’s mix)
15. Skatebard – Vuelo

Duration 1hr 38mins

Orangewarrior – Robo Suite Vol. 7

Direct mp3 link.


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